Winter Fashion: Basic Do’s and Don’ts

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Winter Fashion: Basic Do’s and Don’ts

Not everyone is equal when it comes to being fashion-forward, especially when the season changes. While many women are ready for the winter fashion-wise, some struggle with looking good while staying relatively comfortable. Fashion expert Remi Landau believes that the winter season is the most challenging fashion season of all.  And to help those who struggle year after year, here are some basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to winter fashion.

Bundle up, but don’t over bundle: There is a finite number of acceptable layers when it comes to winter fashion.  If you find yourself wearing too much just to stay warm, change some of the layers. Wearing a lot of layers may warm you up, but there is always a cost.  If your winter wear restricts you from certain movements, change it up.

Don’t just stick to black, try bright colors: Black will always be elegant, timeless, and classy. But it doesn’t mean you should always wear black during the wintertime just to play it safe. Try wearing bright colors. The world just drowns in the snow in certain months. Bring color back in the streets and brighten everyone’s day.

Don’t buy an entire wardrobe for winter; winterize what you have:  If winter is new to you, you don’t have to break the bank buying an entire wardrobe that’s winter-proof.  Remi Landau notes that there is always a way to make your existing set viable for the cold weather.  A denim jacket here, a thick scarf there, a classy coat, and voila! You’re good to go!

Remi Landau draws upon her past work experience as well as her regular attendance at New York Fashion Week in her current role as a fashion designer in New York. In this position, she generates and sketches design ideas for social wear and nightlife clothing. Visit this page for more on Remi and her take on fashion.