The Fashion Industry is Gleaming with Hope Amid a Global Crisis

Exploring the "New Normal" of the Fashion Industry

The Fashion Industry is Gleaming with Hope Amid a Global Crisis

Caught off guard by the global pandemic COVID-19, industries all over the world may find it difficult to be hopeful.  The fashion industry is known to beam with pride and hope, as artists endlessly and lovingly create designs for the world to appreciate.  Clothing designer Remi Landau shares on this post how the fashion community spreads hope while at home.

Fashion giants are not immune to feeling gloomy during these trying times. Ralph Lauren shares that home has always been a haven of warmth and security, enjoying easy moments with his family. What gives him hope is the feeling of being connected to those he loves.  For fashion giant Donatella Versace, the industry is a beacon of hope as it is all about pure emotions and dreaming. The Italian designer, along with her daughter Allegra, spread hope by making personal donations to the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, while the company donated to the Chinese Red Cross, mentions Remi Landau.

Michael Kors reckons that this moment offered everyone the time to reflect and value what they regard as important.  He thinks that fashion will focus on designs that make one feel more confident, that boost one’s joy when worn, and that are investment oriented.  Marc Jacobs stays positive and hopeful when he looks inwardly and asks, “What can I do to contribute to the good of the world?” According to Remi Landau, clothing designers throughout the globe are joining the fight against COVID-19 by designing and manufacturing face masks to help prevent the virus from spreading and as supplies begin to hit the red. 

“A catalyst and an expression of change,” is how designer Tory Burch describes fashion as a beacon of hope. She believes that the global crisis is urging people to find ways of thinking and innovate means to working, speeding up ideas that are being explored.  Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana believe it’s integral to maintain and positive outlook and see the future with enthusiasm. As the world is changing, Dolce & Gabbana reckon there will be more changes in the world, saying it’s pleasant to face changes with curiosity and passion. Remi Landau shares that Jeremy Scott regards fashion as a beacon of hope by believing it is transformative and uplifting. In an article by Harper’s Bazaar he says, “Fashion has the ability to allow us to renew ourselves and redefine ourselves as we peel off layers and reveal new ones.”

Remi Landau is an aspiring fashion designer focused on social wear and nightlife clothing. She is regular attendee at New York Fashion Week. For more insightful reads on fashion, visit this blog.