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Exploring the "New Normal" of the Fashion Industry

How is the Fashion World Helping in the Fight Against COVID-19?

The fashion industry is among the sectors greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Brick and mortar brands selling clothing, accessories, and handbags are experiencing a decline in sales as the world is drawn to a halt by the virus. Clothing designer Remi Landau shares on this blog how the fashion industry is making moves to keep…
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A New Medium: Fashion Designers Combat COVID-19 by Making Stylish Masks

The fashion industry is not safe from the blows of COVID-19. According to Remi Landau, brick and mortar shops offering clothing, accessories, handbags, and shoes have seen a decline in sales when the pandemic began. While it is faced with challenges, the fashion industry remains hopeful and committed to creating more for the public.  Part of…
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