Remi Landau shares fashion trends that will dominate S/S 2021

Exploring the "New Normal" of the Fashion Industry

The events of 2020 affected the fashion industry greatly.  Despite this, all the challenges will not hinder the creativity and imagination of stylists all over the world.  With spring and summer seasons fast approaching, Remi Landau shares must-try fashion trends. 

A pop of blue

Blue has become a go-to color for many fashion enthusiasts.  It can be used to bring an ordinary outfit to life.  A bright blue scarf or a hat over a neutral-colored ensemble will instantly upgrade an outfit, says Remi Landau.  Many fashionistas have been spotted using lighter shades of blue or the bolder shade of royal blue in their ensemble, accessories, and footwear.

More oversized blazers

The oversized trend isn’t ending soon.  In fact, many people are jumping on the bandwagon.  At first, this was considered another “boyfriend” trend, but even the men are going for looser blazers for a more laid-back and vintage look.  While many people follow this trend because it’s comfortable, style enthusiasts like Remi Landau say that one can still be creative with the pieces they will match with the blazers.  Pairing the blazer with wide-legged pants or an A-line skirt is always a good choice.  

Timeless white boots

Remi Landau says white boots are another fashion piece worth investing in.  It’s a statement piece that will instantly upgrade an outfit.  While low-cut boots are great for those who want a simple look, knee-high and pointed-toe boots are perfect for those who want to take their outfit to the next level.  Paring knee-high white boots with dresses is a combination that works.  No matter the fit or style of dress, knee-high white boots are always a good match. 

Understated black face masks

It’s important to wear a mask during these days with the pandemic still ongoing.  Different fashion brands are manufacturing their own masks to keep up with the demand.  Wearing a black cloth mask seems to be a chic way to stay protected, especially if a person needs to go to gatherings and events.  Instead of the usual DIY cloth masks or surgical masks, it might be nice to wear a simple but stylish mask that still does the job. 

Camel and sunshine yellow combo

Since the trends these days are all about nostalgia, the camel and sunshine yellow color pairing is among those that seem to be hitting all the right notes.  Vintage, neutral, and easy on the eyes, this pairing works well with layers.  While many have been using the camel hue for their jackets or bottoms, trying the bold yellow shade for these pieces will be as chic.  The color combo is also flattering for all skin tones and body types. 

Remi Landau is a fashion design professional and enthusiast who recently served as an assistant to a personal stylist at Bergdorf Goodman.  For interesting reads on fashion, visit

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