NY Fashion Week

Exploring the "New Normal" of the Fashion Industry

Remi Landau Shares her Experiences Attending the New York Fashion Week

The New York Fashion Week has always been a much-awaited event attended by fashion, style, and design enthusiasts from all over the world. Remi Landau, a fashion design professional, has been to the shows for many years. With the New York Fashion Week nearing its 80th year, it seems that there will be changes as to how the shows will be presented to ensure the safety of everyone.  In this post, Remi looks back at her experiences during New York’s biggest fashion event.

Discovering Up and Coming Designers

The New York Fashion Week is a place where up-and-coming designers are introduced to the fashion world.  In the presence of editors, stylists, designers, celebrities, and other fashion pundits, these creative minds can showcase the best of their work for the season.  In the years she attended, Remi Landau had the opportunity to witness the debut of buzz-worthy designers. 

Getting a First Look at Upcoming Trends from Renowned Designers and Fashion Houses

With many shows happening on the same day, those who sign up for the Endeavor Experiences of the New York Fashion Week have exclusive access to some of the biggest shows. For regular attendees like Remi Landau, signing up for this program allows her to see the schedule and choose in advance the events that she wants to go to. Availing of this service enables attendees to just proceed to their preferred shows and events. The runway looks at NYFW will dictate the trends in the coming seasons. Attending the events will allow fashion insiders to see the latest from the world’s most renowned designers and brands. 

Finding Inspiration from Fellow Creatives

Remi Landau says that even those who are not working in the fashion industry can gain inspiration from the NYFW shows. The fashion week is a wonderful opportunity to witness ideas that became a reality. Aside from the artistry and creativity showcased on the runway, people will also see the advocacies and the efforts designers support.  Today, the fashion industry is putting forth solutions that aim to make the world a better place for everyone.  More than making a statement, the NYFW seeks to bring a positive impact on the lives of many.  Those who aspire to make a name in fashion will have the chance to grow their love for the industry with the various events that will bring them closer to their style icons and their own creative breakthrough.