Exploring the "New Normal" of the Fashion Industry

Remi Landau is a fashion design professional with diverse work experience.  She graduated from Syracuse University, where she earned her degree in sociology.  While in the university, she served as spirit chair of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority, where she had the opportunity to engage with local nonprofits and promote fund-raisers on behalf of organizations such as Prevent Child Abuse America and Women for Women International.

Prior to her entry into the world of fashion, Remi Landau gained marketing experience through internships at Epix and Harper’s Bazaar. She also served three months as a litigation paralegal with Weitz & Luxenberg, where, in addition to attending deposition and client preparation meetings, she prepared and reviewed indexing and other documents to be utilized by senior trial attorneys.

Remi Landau most recently worked as an assistant to a personal stylist at Bergdorf Goodman.  This position allowed her to gain significant skills and experience in curating clothing selections for a broad range of clients.  Nowadays, she is an aspiring fashion designer who is focusing on creating social nightwear pieces. 

To stay on top of trends and other advancements in the world of fashion, Remi Landau regularly attends the annual New York Fashion Week. This anticipated event allows her to immerse and get inspired in the world of fashion truly.  To hone her creativity and to express her ideas better, she also dabbles in drawing and calligraphy. 

On this site, Remi Landau will share the latest updates in the world of fashion.  As people adapt to the “new normal,” the fashion industry is also keeping up with the changes to provide the needs of the people.  However, this doesn’t mean letting go of one’s style sensibilities.  Despite the revisions in habits and routines, there is still an opportunity for individuals to express their personality and unique style.  In this time, when people feel out of their comfort zone, expressing themselves through the way they dress can provide them with the joy and comfort they need. 

Fashion and design have always reflected the changes in society.  The emergence of certain pieces and styles shows what people consider to be beautiful and relevant at a certain point in time.  To those who are part of the fashion industry, this is an opportunity to showcase their work to the world. Remi Landau will talk about the direction and the innovations that designers, stylists, artists, and brands are doing to keep up with the times.