Fashionable Winter Wear for the Ladies

Exploring the "New Normal" of the Fashion Industry

Fashionable Winter Wear for the Ladies

Winter is coming, and while COVID-19 might still stick around during the cold season, it shouldn’t stop women from looking great in the few times they decide to go out.  As always, winter presents a different set of challenges when it comes to looking stylish and staying comfortable. But as fashion expert Remi Landau says, you can still have the best of both worlds.  Here are some fashionable winter tips for all you ladies out there.

Pastel coat + jeans: Whether you’re out for a date or going to work, a long pastel-colored coat gives this sophisticated vibe.  Pair it with cropped jeans and your favorite ankle boots, and you’ll be making a statement. Top this look off with a chic clutch purse and a nice pair of sunnies to blow everyone away.

Puffer coat + leggings: For short trips that still require a fair bit of protection from the cold, try a combination of a puffer coat and a pair of leggings of the same neutral color, along with sporty sneakers.  It’s comfortable enough for good mobility and warm enough for the climate.

Pantsuits:  Sometimes, a good set of pantsuit can give you enough protection from the cold and still look fab. Striking sets like print pink pantsuits paired with checkered shirt and shoes, and you’ll look ready for anything. Great for casual wear but maybe too bold as work attire. Or is it?

Jean Jackets:  They’re tough, fashionable all year long, and amazingly comfortable, denim jackets are a gift to women during winters. Remi Landau recommends layering it over a coat, topped with a wool scarf, leggings or jeans, and your meanest pair of kicks.  

While completing her degree, Remi Landau gained diverse professional experience through internships. She draws on this cumulative experience as she tries her hand at fashion design. For more insightful reads in the world of fashion, visit this blog.