Exploring the "New Normal" of the Fashion Industry

Remi Landau is a fashion design professional currently based in New York who has extensive experience in styling, set design, and editorial publishing. She is currently a clothing designer for a high-end nightwear label. As a former assistant for a personal stylist at Bergdorf Goodman, she has learned how to curate clothing selections for clients with different personalities and styles. As a creative, Remi uses her skills in drawing and calligraphy to visualize her ideas. 

Prior to joining the fashion industry, Remi Landau gained significant marketing experience through her work as an intern in Epix and Harper’s Bazaar.  She also worked as a litigation paralegal for three months at Weitz & Luxenberg.  An alumna of Syracuse University, Remi graduated with a degree in sociology and served as spirit chair of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority.  During her term, she engaged in community efforts that involved local nonprofits and led fundraising events in support of advocacies such as Prevent Child Abuse America and Women for Women International.

Remi Landau has always been interested in fashion.  She regularly attends New York Fashion Week to gain inspiration and to stay on top of trends first seen on the runway.  As an aspiring designer, she continues to develop her skills and aesthetics to come up with fashion pieces that will delight many. 

On this page, Remi Landau will discuss the latest trends in fashion.  While the rest of the world is staying indoors and trying to move forward in response to the “new normal,” she will feature the latest developments in the world of fashion.  As face masks and other personal protective gear have become essential for everyone, the fashion industry is doing its best to respond to the needs of people.  Aside from providing quality clothing, many businesses these days are also producing necessities like protective face masks.  Like other garments, these coverings should be a part of a person’s outfit, especially when going outdoors. 

Despite the health crisis that the world is facing today, it is an opportunity for fashion enthusiasts everywhere to practice environment-friendly habits that will prevent waste and preserve natural resources.  Remi Landau, an advocate for sustainable fashion, believes that fashion doesn’t have to be harmful.  By using the right materials, people can enjoy garments that are guilt-free and made to last.  During these times, people need to do their part to protect themselves and the world they live in.