Remi Landau is a fashion design professional with diverse work experience.

She will talk about the direction and the innovations that designers, stylists, artists, and brands are doing to keep up with the times.


Remi regularly attends New York Fashion Week to gain inspiration and to stay on top of trends first seen on the runway.

While the rest of the world is staying indoors and trying to move forward in response to the “new normal,” she will feature the latest developments in the world of fashion.


Fashion and design have always reflected the changes in society.

As people adapt to the “new normal,” the fashion industry is also keeping up with the changes to provide the needs of the people. However, this doesn’t mean letting go of one’s style sensibilities.


The New York Fashion Week has always been a much-awaited event attended by fashion, style, and design enthusiasts from all over the world.

With the New York Fashion Week nearing its 80th year, it seems that there will be changes as to how the shows will be presented to ensure the safety of everyone.

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